How To Market & Advertise Your Photography Business Like a PRO

When ever you think about marketing or advertising your business to some this might seem like a gigantic headache. Your Next thought might be how on earth will I pull In customers when their are so many photography businesses out there. Well Im here to tell you it can be done and it can be acomplished it just all starts with you.



  1. Your Personality Is Your Business Card You must first have a personality that is totally unique to ever business at hand. Nobody can laugh the way you do and more so no one can make someone fell the way you do. Joe Smo Might have a great business motto, pricing and so forth but It they love your individual and unique approach they will come to you because of it.
  2. Research Research Research!!!!! Without the proper knowledge of your competitors you will not know how to run your business or see what you can offer that don’t as far pricing, timing, quality & so forth.
  3. Plan Out Your Business. Whats a business without a plan, a ship without a captain, a car with a driver. I said all of this to say that If you don’t have a plan laid out you will simply fail. The Next Steps I post will show you what you should have in your business plan.
  4. Test Out Your Service On Those Closest To You. Everyone has that one friend or two who has the biggest mouth. Telling them first will not only put the word of mouth but gather a ton of possible clients. If you have social media that is also another way to generate income by posting statuses & photos pertaining to your photography venture, Another Source would be to start a Model Mayhem Page Or Craigslist ad to find potential subjects.
  5. Gathering Your Material Together. If you haven”t done so already, you need to get together all the necessary marketing & advertising materials needed to succeed in this photography game.  .




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